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         K999, for last chance dogs!

                  "your last call before the rescue centre"

Photo Gallery

Soi Dog Foundation, Soi Dog Foundation, Soi Dog before and after photos some of the success storys from the foundation 67805847 Soi Dog Foundation HQ 67805853 kennel block 67805851 open socialising area 67805849 a pup learning some social skills 67807342 67807343 67807344 Lucy, who was adopted and taken to Sweden 67805850 the old and disabled run 67805852 67807345 These two adopted little nervous Lucy who used to hide beneath them 67807346 67812562 pens for dogs just bought in 67805854 A typical case just brought in 67805855 vets operating room 67805857 67807340 67807341 This young dog had been hit with a bar which broke 2 legs. 67805856 67807339 Hairless Thai terrier, or Pig Dog as he's known 67805848 the mid kennel block 67805858 a typical pen in the mid block 67805859 The large docile Pitbull in the mid block 67805860 67805861 one of the large open pens 67807334 67807335 meeting some of the residents 67807336 the ambassador for the pack 67807337 67807338 67812561 67812563 relaxing in the shade 67812564