K999 canine behavioural services

Adam Hobbs, Canine Behavioural Services

Core specialities:

  • Canine aggression
  • Adopted rescue dogs
  • Foreign rescue dogs

Although I focus on the more serious behavioural issues, dogs with all issues are welcome.

I cover North Wales and North West England but will also consider other areas.

Give your dog one last chance to become a great member of your family.

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In need of expert help for you and your dog?

Consultations are done on a one-to-one basis usually within your home or possibly at another suitable venue. They typically last around 3 hours; during this time I will observe your dog whilst we discuss the issues.

I will then explain the cause of the undesirable behaviours and how they developed. We will discuss, and I will demonstrate, how to progress your dog through the issues teaching you effective skills enabling you to go on to implement the solutions yourself.

Email or phone support is available and follow up sessions can be arranged on request.

My canine behavioural work targets ‘last chance’ cases where dogs are at risk of being signed into rescue centres or euthanised.

With over 20 years of practical experience and several specific qualifications, I work with all types of behavioural problems but specialise in aggression issues, such as;

  • dog aggression towards other dogs.
  • dog aggression towards people, family members or strangers.

I also work extensively with adopted and rescued dogs, guiding new owners through any issues and difficulties they may encounter integrating their new companion into the family.

The basic premise of a session is to guide your dog to become a socially acceptable canine. Instilling manners and calmness is more core to my approach with less focus on command based basic training and obedience such as; sit, paw, down & wait.

If a pre-consultation form is required prior to the session, I can either send one out or it can be filled in here;

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