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         K999, for last chance dogs!

                  "your last call before the rescue centre"

North Clwyd Animal Rescue's YouTube Channel Trailer

"North Clwyd Animal Rescue (NCAR) is a registered charity founded in 1978 by Anne Owen. From one thin little Lurcher, we now care for over 1000 domestic pets a year. We have grown to meet these new demands and with the current economic situation these services are vital for the wider community. There are a large number of unwanted, abused and abandoned animals in this region and we know that there would be a lot more pain and suffering subjected to animals if we ceased to exist. Our growth tells us that we play a vital part in the community and we also try to enlighten people of the effects of unwanted litters. Sadly, as there is an imbalance in the number of good homes and animals waiting to be adopted, we are always running at full capacity.

As NCAR is an animal welfare charity we receive no government support. Therefore we are entirely dependent on members of the public to help with donations and fundraising in order to help us look after over 1000 unwanted, abused or elderly pets each year. We need over £1000 a day just to keep going and the vet fees alone are around £4000 each month."


subscribe to NCAR's YouTube channel - NCARvideo

NCAR dogs photo profile page - NCAR's Flickr page

The reason I donate my time to NCAR

NCAR run a 'no kill, no rejection' policy, this means they never put a healthy dog down and never

turn a dog away because of it's breed or history. It is not uncommon for rescue centres and pounds to operate a 'put to sleep' system or refuse to take dog's deemed 'difficult to re-home' due to past behaviours and incidents, or simply because of their breed type!

NCAR's staff put much effort into socialising and rehabilitating dogs with behavioural issues and progressing them to a stage where they are deemed safe to adopt out. This is no mean feat considering the financial and time constraints they have to work under. There are countless examples of 'unadoptable' dogs being helped to overcome their problems and then leaving to start a new life with a family.

I believe if NCAR had twice the income, or half the dogs, or could employ twice the staff, the difference that could be made to the lives of the many problem dogs in their care would be huge. Unfortunately, currently none of these factors are going to materialise, so the centre must continue offering their up-most care whilst utilising minimal facilities and funding.

NCAR is in constant need of donations but just as vital are volunteers. The biggest problem facing the resident dogs is a deficit in exercise and stimulation, volunteer walkers play a huge part in addressing this issue. Volunteers with the ability to handle strong dogs and dogs with issues are even rarer. If you think you have anything to offer the resident dogs please don't hesitate to contact the rescue.

A play session to celebrate the opening of NCAR's all weather paddock...

contact NCAR

Contact NCAR;

North Clwyd Animal Rescue

Maes Gwyn

Glan Yr Afron Road


Nr Holywell




general enquiries - [email protected]

fundraising/PR - [email protected]

to donate to NCAR please follow this link; and thankyou for your support.