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         K999, for last chance dogs!

                  "your last call before the rescue centre"

Highly recommended

"Adam is not only a dog behaviour expert, but also a people expert! He has the ability to easily recognise that the behaviour of the owner has a huge impact on the behaviour on the dog he is working with. I found Adam had a wealth of experience, a calm attitude and an innate ability to understand the problematic behaviours my dog and other dogs have shown. I approached Adam as i could see he was qualified in his field and a member of CFBA, Canine and Feline Behavioural Association. I would highly recommend Adam to all my clients."

Natalie, D4 Pet Services.


"I can only describe Adam as the mutt's nuts, absolutely brilliant. He knows his stuff, is patient and very clear in explaining how we can make Gruff's life with us the best it can be. That same day, using Adam's advice, we saw changes in Gruff's behaviour in the house and on the lead. Thank you, Adam, from all three of us!"

Marni Rae


"We got patch from NCAR in April and he was very protective of us all...followed us everywhere in the house, wouldn't let us out of sight and aggressive (Barking, growling) at people who entered our house or even come close to it and pulling to be in front when on lead. With Adams knowledge, help and examples shown we now have a less protective dog in not even a week. He's calmer, learning boundaries in the house as not to follow us and slowly learning not to pull on lead.

We're also expecting a baby in October and he even gave us advice on introducing the baby to patch.

Can't thank Adam enough and it's great to know he's on the other end of an email if needed. We will definitely be recommending and donating to NCAR to show thanks"

Natalie Griffiths

Thank you Adam

"Thank you so much for coming to visit us and help with Bear's nervous nature! The information and knowledge that you passed to us was invaluable. We had been so confused about his behaviour and now it makes perfect sense. You have provided us with the training and tips to help our boy feel happy and content at last, and most of all, how to help him learn to trust our judgement. He needs us to take on that role of leading him confidently on his walks now so he can relax a bit more. I think the door step manners may take a bit longer to achieve, but as his confidence in our judgments outdoors increases, I think we can master both challenges! Once again, thank you Adam."

Angela Nock

5 Stars!

"Adam has been helping us with our two 18 month old Staffs. Having never owned two dogs before, we have benefited massively from Adam's guidance on what we should and shouldn't be doing to help them behave in a calm and appropriate manner. Saw a massive difference in their behaviour even after the first session."

John Donno

100% more confident

"Adam came to our home to work with our 18 month old Staffy cross bailey on his jumping and his unpredictable behaviour , when Adam first came in I like the fact that he acknowledged bailey and let him fuss him and jump without dismissing it straight away. He then took time to help us understand and educate us more on how a dogs mind works and how to understand his emotions. It was a lot less regimental than other training schools we have been too and far more educational. I can not recommend K999 enough me and my wife thought it was a pleasure meeting Adam and we now feel 100% more confident in taking baileys training further and having the tools to cope with any situation a lot better."

Mark Evanson

Thank you from Bella!

"Adam came to visit us a few weeks ago to help us with Bella. He has taught us how to read Bella's body language better and therefor help us to help her be more chilled and not guard us as much (we are still working on the food issue). Today myself and the children took Bella to a fun day/dog show, this would normally involve Bella constantly pulling and being a bit funny with people coming up to us and fussing her but it was a complete success. There was only a tiny bit of her pulling but this was easily corrected and lots of people came and gave her fusses once I had allowed them to.

I'm so happy with her progress and can't thank Adam enough for teaching/training us, the humans to help Bella become a happier more chilled dog. I'm sure Bella would thank you too if she could."

Louise Cranston

Much more confident

"Wow - amazing guy! Really knows his stuff and helped me understand my dog so much better and gave me the tools to help get her back to the calm, happy dog she should be! I feel so much more confident now - well worth it thank you so much."

Hannah Bananna

Happy owner of 5 dogs

"Adam and the work that he does with problematic dogs is amazing. He has helped me with two of my dogs; he assessed them, showed me techniques to use then demonstrated those techniques with my dogs. It was worth every single penny and I would highly recommend Adam. Thank you so very much."

Mrs Fielding

Worth Every Penny

"Adam and the work that he does with problematic dogs is amazing. He has helped me with two of my dogs, he assessed them, showed me techniques to use then demonstrated those techniques with my dogs. It was worth every single penny and I would highly recommend Adam. Thank you so very much".

Scott Fielding

Rescue Dog Owner

"Adam came to see us when we adopted Lola from NCAR. She had separation anxiety and when ever we left the house she would chew things. She followed me everywhere around the house and would not relax if I left the room. Adam gave us some really helpful advice on how to help Lola overcome this and she is doing brilliantly. She is sleeping more and not chewing anything. Adam also showed us how to stop Lola pulling on her lead when we are out walking and she is progressing everyday. Lola has become so much more confident and that is down to the advice and help we had from Adam. We definitely recommend him to anyone who is having problems with their dogs."

Lindsey Magee

Happy Household

"Adam came to see my two border collie puppies who were constantly fighting and we thought we had to give one up. He showed us how to recognise their moods and behaviours. Within a couple of hours he changed us (not them) and we are now a very happy household."

Pam Willoughby

Thank you

"Adam's generous, expert, individual advice and support has enabled us to make great progress with Bertie, our lovely staffie cross. What has been particularly valuable is the fact that Adam's patient, detailed guidance has made me feel so much more confident. Adam clearly has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of dogs and is motivated by a genuine love & respect for dogs. We can't thank him enough."

Sue H


"Adam first came to help as we welcomed into our home a gorgeous little terrier puppy (Alfie) from North Clwyd Animal Rescue - our 5 year old dog Buddy and Alfie are now the best of friends. Adam's excellent advice, insight and support has been invaluable - thanks very much"

Yvette La Flamme-Williams

Dog Aggression

"Adam has been a tremendous help, had no end of issues with my Staffie Bitch, after a lot of good and bad days and fantastic input from Adam I actually feel I am getting somewhere. To having a dog with no tolerance of any dog. Now she has a BFF and I feel like I have my girl back - Thank you Adam!"

Annie Grey

Very happy Staffie owner

"Adams advice and support has been invaluable to me over the last few months I have had a few issues with my Dog which I am now working through and making lots of progress thanks to Adam. No matter what the issue he offers sound, meaningful advise and nothing is too much trouble for him. Thank you."

Jo Tench

Thank you K999

"Without the support and advice of K999 we would not have the lovely little dog that is now a member of our family. We were provided with reassurance and practical sound advice at times when we we most needed it. Cannot thank K999 enough."

Emma Clark

Happy customer

"Thank you Adam for your help and advice with Harry Dog. We are still working with him and the advice you gave us has helped improve his behaviour in just a short time. We are so grateful as Harry is part of the family and he seems happier than ever before."

Romina McVeigh

Massive help

"Adam has been a massive help over recent months. His advice is brilliant and he has a way of explaining things that make complete sense. Thank you."

Selena Balster

Fear Issues Overcome

"Adam helped me with my dog to overcome some fear issues that she was having, he gave me a step by step approach to use and further instruction should we experience any blocks with her behaviour. It worked, thank you K999, from one very happy Staffie owner!"

Allie Mae