Useful links For Dog Owners

Here are a few useful links for dog owners to companies I know of or use and websites I find useful


Soi Dog Foundation, Phuket, Thailand

Please support John & Gill and all the staff in the fantastic job they are doing in very difficult circumstances at Soi Dog.Soi Dog Foundation is a not-for-profit, legally registered charitable organization, based in Phuket, Thailand, with the aim of setting an example to the rest of the Asian region on how to humanely reduce the number of unwanted dogs and cats through sterilzation, to better the lives and living conditions of the remaining stray dogs & feral cats and to educate local children on animal care around the island and at our shelter in Mai Khao, Phuket.”

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Sniffing Dogs Scentwork

Dog Trainers teaching pet dogs and their owners Suitable for all ages and breeds of dog, great for those that are infirm or recovering from injury. We are all about fun, team building and confidence. NO previous training experience required.   “Welcome to Sniffing Dogs Scentwork! Would you like to harness your dog’s natural skill of sniffing and turn it into a fun game you can play together? In the process build the bond and relationship you have with your dog? Want to generally build their confidence? Then Sniffing Dogs Scentwork is for you!


Pups, Pets & Ponies

A great pet supply store in Dobshill, near Buckley. “Welcome to PupsandPets, our aim is to provide high quality products at low prices by having our products designed, made and directly imported, allowing us to pass on good value to our customers!” Pups and Pets also stock a good range of high quality raw based dog foods, both frozen and vacuum packed.



Raising Awareness about Puppy Farming “Pup Aid’s aim is simply to educate every member of the British public about the correct way to get a dog, either by adopting a rescue dog from any of the overflowing rescue centres in the UK, or visiting a responsible breeder where you will always see the puppy interacting with it’s mother.”


NCAR: North Clwyd Animal Rescue

I’m currently working with several dogs at NCAR but will help and advise anybody interested in any of North Clwyd Animals Rescue’s dogs.


Doggie Towers

Jenna, owner of Doggie Towers, offers great services like; day care, field run sessions and home boarding. In 2017 the Beagle Towers concept was born, a specialist home from home boarding experience this has now developed to include ‘Adventure Days’ (and the Doggie Towers name was born) where furry friends can meet up in a controlled, safe and fun environment and run off those excess energies! Outside of the day to day Jenna has an interest  in Dog Training and Dog Nutrition and looks forward to engaging in full training in those areas in the future to formalise her experience and skillset having already passed a level 3 award.


Deed not Breed

“Deed not breed Ltd is a Not for Profit Company set up in 2007 to offer free advice and assistance to owners of dogs of all breeds who have fallen foul of ‘Dangerous Dog Act’ legislation.


DDA Watch

DDA watch, supporting fair and effective dog law. DDA Watch is a new initiative from the Pet Owners Parliament set up to help monitor “dangerous dog” legislation, to educate and assist those affected by it, while campaigning to find fair, workable solutions that can better protect the public without compromising the lives and welfare of countless dogs who have never acted dangerously.


Cooper & Co Solicitors: Dog Law

This website is provided by Cooper & Co Solicitors which is run by Trevor Cooper. Trevor has been qualified as a Solicitor for 24 years and has wide ranging expertise on the law relating to dogs.


Canine Capers

My own Nahla has benefitted from doggie day care with Canine Capers! “Whether you are away on business, living it up on holiday or simply busy with day to day life, we are here to ensure your dog’s needs are met to the highest of standards. We offer 1 hour pack walks, doggy daycare and home from home dog boarding. All the dogs enjoy long walks in the beautiful countryside around Chester, socialising within our packs and with our resident dogs.”


Canine and Feline Behavioural Association

We carefully select membership from the very best of Britain’s Dog and Cat Behaviourists to help you resolve your pets problem”. I am a member of the CFBA.