Vet Referrals

As a member of the CFBA vets can refer a client to me regarding a behavioural issue. After completing a vet referral form or providing a referral letter we can then arrange a consultation. Alternatively, the vet can contact me and pass the client and case details directly. Clients can also ask to be referred to me specifically by their vet.

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You’ll find my online referral form lower down on this page.

The CFBA is recognised and accepted by pet Insurance companies who cover behavioural problems and meets their criteria for competence and excellence.

This often means the behavioural consultation costs being reclaimable on the dog’s insurance (depending on your policy).

The Vet Referral process

  1. After a consultation with your vet to rule out or identify any physical issues or illnesses which may affect your dog’s behaviour, the vet can then refer you to me. This requires a referral form to be completed and sent to myself.
  2. I will either send you a pre-consultation form which is to be completed and returned or, if you prefer to complete an online form, refer you to the form below. We will make an appointment for a consultation at your home (lead time may vary but serious aggression cases where there is a high risk of injury will be prioritised where possible).
  3. The behavioural consultation will take place at your home (or at another suitable venue) which typically lasts around 3 hours. During this your dog’s behaviour will be explained; how the behaviour developed, why the behaviour is occurring and how it can be addressed. Canine communication will also be taught before the practical aspect of the consultation takes place. Here we will go through all of the necessary techniques and routines required to progress your dog through it’s issues. Canine nutrition and diet will also be discussed and explained. Payment is required at the end of this session.
  4. If requested prior to the consultation, a written report will be delivered summarising the session and covering all aspects of working with and progressing your dog.
  5. Follow up sessions are available on request although hopefully only the one session is required. Such sessions are charged separately from the initial consultation.

I cover North Wales and North West England but will also consider other areas.

Vet Referral Form

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